How to Check Battery Life on iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 comes with stunning features that make it stand out among other smartphones. However, one problem that most smartphone users face is poor battery performance. If you are an iPhone 14 user, you might have experienced a scenario where you want to use your phone, but the battery has run out. Therefore, it is essential to know how to check your battery life to avoid such situations. In this blog, we will guide you on how to check battery life on iPhone 14, methods to improve battery life, and some FAQs that most users have about iPhone 14 battery.

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What’s Needed

Before we start, you need to ensure that your iPhone 14 is with you and has enough battery power to complete the process. You also need to have a good internet connection to access the Apple website or App Store for third-party apps that might help improve battery performance.

What Requires Your Focus?

Checking the battery life on iPhone 14 requires your full attention, especially when using third-party apps to optimize battery performance. You should also ensure that you follow the steps correctly to avoid any damage to your phone.

Methods to Check Battery Life on iPhone 14

Method 1: Checking Battery Usage on iPhone 14

Checking battery usage is one of the easiest methods to check your iPhone 14 battery life. This method allows you to know which app consumes more battery power, and you can take appropriate measures.

1. Go to the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone 14.
2. Click on the ‘Battery’ option.
3. Scroll down to see the ‘Battery Usage’ section that shows you the time your phone has been on and the time that different apps were used.
4. You can also view the battery percentage of each app.


– Easy and quick method to check battery usage.
– Allows you to take measures to reduce battery consumption of apps.


– Does not help to improve battery life.

Method 2: The Battery Health Feature in iPhone 14

The Battery Health feature in iPhone 14 allows you to know the battery capacity as compared to when it was new. This feature also tells you how your battery’s performance affects the battery life of your phone.

1. Go to the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone 14.
2. Click on the ‘Battery’ option.
3. Tap on the ‘Battery Health’ option.
4. You can view the maximum capacity of your battery and the peak performance capability.


– Identifies the battery’s performance and capacity.
– Helps you take appropriate measures to prolong the battery life.


– The Battery Health feature may not work on all iPhones.

Method 3: Using Third-Party Apps

Several third-party apps can help check battery life on iPhone 14. These apps come with additional features that help optimize the battery performance of your phone.

1. Go to the App Store on your iPhone 14.
2. Search for battery improvement apps.
3. Select and install the app of your choice.
4. Open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to optimize battery performance.


– Third-party apps come with additional features that optimize battery performance.
– Most apps are free to use.


– Some apps may not be compatible with iPhone 14.
– Some apps may cause more harm to the battery life.

Why Can’t I Check the Battery Percentage on My iPhone 14?

Several reasons might cause the battery percentage not to display on your iPhone 14. Some of these reasons include; battery percentage settings, battery usage settings, or iPhone 14’s software malfunction.


You can try the following solutions to fix battery percentage not displaying on your iPhone 14.

1. Check your iPhone 14’s battery percentage settings.
2. Reset the battery usage settings.
3. Update your iPhone 14 to the latest software version.
4. Reset your iPhone 14 to its factory settings.


To improve your iPhone 14’s battery performance, you can take the following measures.

1. Reduce the time you spend on your phone.
2. Turn off unnecessary features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Location Services.
3. Adjust the brightness of your screen.
4. Avoid using third-party apps that consume more battery power.

5 FAQs

Q: How long should my iPhone 14’s battery last?

A: The battery life of iPhone 14 varies depending on usage. On average, the phone can last up to 10 hours of internet usage, up to 15 hours of video playback, and over 50 hours of audio playback.

Q: Can I replace the battery of my iPhone 14?

A: Yes, you can replace the battery of your iPhone 14. However, it is advisable to take your phone to the authorized apple dealer for the replacement.

Q: Why does my iPhone 14’s battery drain so fast?

A: Several factors can cause your iPhone 14’s battery to drain fast. These factors include; running too many apps, using the phone in an area with low signal, and poor battery health.

Q: Can I use a non-Apple charger to charge my iPhone 14?

A: Yes, you can use non-Apple chargers to charge your iPhone 14. However, it is advisable to use chargers with the MFi Certification.

Q: How can I increase my iPhone 14’s battery life?

A: You can increase your iPhone 14’s battery life by following the measures mentioned in the suggestions section of this blog.


In conclusion, it is important to know how to check battery life on iPhone 14 to avoid situations where the battery runs out when you need to use your phone. Following the steps mentioned in this blog will help you check your iPhone 14 battery life and optimize its performance. Remember to follow the suggestions provided to prolong your iPhone 14’s battery life.

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