How to Make Taskbar Icons Small in Windows 11

The taskbar in Windows 11 is a significant part of the desktop experience. It provides quick access to commonly used applications and features, making it essential for daily tasks. One common issue users face is the inability to make taskbar icons small, making it hard to fit more apps on the taskbar. This guide will provide users with useful methods to make taskbar icons small in Windows 11.

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The Challenge of Making Taskbar Icons Small in Windows 11

One of the primary challenges users face when trying to make taskbar icons small in Windows 11 is the lack of an option to do so. Unlike previous versions of Windows, Windows 11 has removed the ability to change the size of taskbar icons. This can be frustrating for users who prefer smaller icons to create more room for other apps on the taskbar.

Things You Should Prepare for

Before trying any of the methods below, users should ensure that they have the latest version of Windows 11 installed. Additionally, they should have administrator access to the computer to perform the required changes.

Method 1: Changing Taskbar Icon Size via Registry Editor

Step 1: Press the Win + R key combination to open the Run dialog box.

Step 2: In the Run box, type regedit to open the Registry Editor.

Step 3: Navigate to the following path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics

Step 4: Find the string named "MinWidth" and double-click on it.

Step 5: Change the value data to 38 or any other desired value for the small icon size.

Step 6: Restart the Windows Explorer process by opening Task Manager, finding Windows Explorer under the Processes tab, and selecting Restart.

Pros: Allows for customization of taskbar icon size.

Cons: Editing the registry can be dangerous if done improperly.

Method 2: Using Third-Party Software

Step 1: Download and install a third-party software program, such as StartIsBack++.

Step 2: Launch the software and navigate to Taskbar Appearance Settings.

Step 3: Adjust the Icon size option to the desired size.

Step 4: Apply the changes and restart the Windows Explorer process.

Pros: Provides a quick and easy solution.

Cons: Requires downloading third-party software.

Method 3: Adjusting Display Settings

Step 1: Right-click on the desktop and select Display settings.

Step 2: Adjust the scale and layout option to the desired value.

Step 3: Go to the Advanced scaling settings option and select Let Windows try to fix apps so they’re not blurry.

Step 4: Restart the Windows Explorer process.

Pros: Provides a simple solution without any additional software.

Cons: May affect other screen elements, potentially resulting in blurry apps.

Why Can’t I Make Taskbar Icons Small in Windows 11

1. Windows 11 has removed the option to adjust taskbar icon size.

Fix: Use one of the methods above to achieve the desired icon size.

2. A third-party software program may be interfering with the ability to adjust taskbar icon size.

Fix: Disable or uninstall the software program and try again.

3. The user may not have administrative access to make the necessary changes.

Fix: Log in as an administrator or request administrator access from the system administrator.

Additional Tips

– Adjusting the taskbar position to the sides or top of the screen can free up more space for icons.

– Use the Windows key + a number shortcut to open frequently used apps quickly.

– Resize app windows to fit more on the taskbar without overlapping.

5 FAQs about Making Taskbar Icons Small in Windows 11

Q1: Is it possible to make taskbar icons smaller in Windows 11 without editing the registry?

A: Yes, you can use third-party software or adjust display settings to achieve smaller taskbar icons.

Q2: Will editing the registry affect any other settings on my computer?

A: Yes, editing the registry improperly can affect other settings, leading to system instability or crashes.

Q3: Can I change the taskbar icon size for specific apps?

A: No, the icon size is adjusted globally for all apps on the taskbar.

Q4: Why did Microsoft remove the option to change taskbar icon size in Windows 11?

A: Microsoft has not provided a specific reason for this change.

Q5: Does making taskbar icons smaller affect the quality of the icons?

A: No, changing the icon size does not affect the quality of the icons themselves.

In Conclusion

Making taskbar icons small in Windows 11 can be beneficial for users who frequently use many apps simultaneously. While Windows 11 has removed the option to adjust taskbar icon size, there are still ways to achieve smaller icons through third-party software, display settings, or editing the registry. By carefully following the steps outlined in this guide, users can customize their taskbar experience to better fit their needs.

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